I Charleston Tainan 南朋友。旅朋友

發表於 2017/09/21







0:02 保安火車站0:23 安平樹屋0:26 德記洋行0:30 安平古堡0:40 321巷0:51 一銀巷1:02 新化老街1:12 神農街1:22 正興街1:31 橋南老街1:42 永成戲院1:51 三一宅2:08 胡麻嫂故事館2:18 藺草本事2:32 居廣陶2:36 奇美博物館2:43 歷史博物館2:48 林默娘公園2:56 七股沙漠(國聖燈塔)3:09 牛埔農塘3:19 烏山頭水庫3:24 山上淨水廠3:32 台南正統鹿耳門聖母廟


The “I Charleston Tainan: Traveling Friends in the South” Official Video has just been released!In the summer of 2017, a team of passionate high school graduates visited and danced in front of various scenic spots all over Tainan, imprinting our footsteps into the land of the beloved city we grew up in. Want to learn more about us? Read on for more and dig in to the stories of Tainan!

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Can anyone tell where these scenes were filmed? See if you recognize any of the following!

0:02 Baoan Train Station0:23 Anping Tree House0:26 Old Tait & Co. Merchant House0:30 Anping Fort0:40 321 Artist Village0:51 Yi Yin Lane1:02 Xinhua Old Street1:12 Shennong Street1:22 Zhengxing Street1:31 Qiaonan Street1:42 Yongchen Theater1:51 Sanpintaku2:08 Aunt Sesame Story Hall2:18 Rush Workshop2:32 Chuguan Kiln2:36 Chimei Museum2:43 National Museum of History2:48 Lin Mo Niang Park2:56 Cigu Salt Mountains (Guosheng Lighthouse)3:09 Niupu Farming Pond3:19 Wusantou Reservoir 3:24 Old Shanshang Waterway 3:32 Luerhmen Orthodox Mazu Temple 

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